A Child’s Talent and Dream Chasing

I have spent a lot of time the last couple of months repurposing older blogs and posting them that it has been quite a while since I have written anything new. Even over on Medium, my articles are older and posted to promote my brand. It also feels a bit foreign to pen something new because most of my writing has been for clients. So, forgive me if this slips into sounding a bit technical.

Fall is Here

Summer is now in the rear-view mirror, and Fall is upon us. Cooler temps are coming, well, for some of you. Down here in South Texas, we will have Summer for another month or so. Yet, you never know, we did have that unexpected freeze in February; the weather has been quite unpredictable. God’s way of reminding us He is in control, I suppose. I will say this, we barely reached 100 this Summer. So, let’s hope that we are in for a cooler Autumn as well. But until then, the AC will run, and my water thermos will remain full.

Fall is exciting, though. This year is different. No boys for football, but a daughter in Color Guard. This means we will still attend football games and competitions for another six years and cheer our little flag-waver on. And I do have to say she is doing an excellent job. And it is exciting to see. You know what I mean, those of you with children who have those talents and abilities that you watch and cheer on. Maybe it’s not from the stands, maybe it’s academic; writing, spelling, speech writing, or another activity where their skills amaze you.

A Child’s Talent

I have loved watching our kids grow up and find themselves. They learn their talents and build upon them. Do you know this feeling? Those moments when you see your child find the thing that makes them tick, the passions that drive them? Seeing a child blossom is an amazing feeling. We have experienced this five times over. Audrey is our last one, so we are savoring this moment. She may not always be in Color Guard, and that is okay, but she will be awesome at it if she does.

The one thing I have learned to accept in my life is that my child is not going to be me. We, as parents, always joke about having a mini-me. When little, they copy us, and it’s cute. We hear songs about it, and they may say things like, “I want to be like you,” but at the end of the day, don’t be discouraged if they do not follow in your footsteps OR in the path that your mind has laid out for them. I’m learning even now that the dreams I have for my child are not necessarily the dreams my kids have for themselves…. How selfish of them, right???

All kidding aside, the only thing we need our children to emulate is the passion to chase their dreams. I am a writer. It would be wrong for me to believe that one of my children should become a writer, even if they display a talent for the art. This is my dream, not theirs. However, if they are unsure of what they are to do with their life, then it is at least my duty as a parent to point out that they have a talent for writing. It would then be their choice to pursue it or not.

A Prayerful Parent

The most significant duty as a parent is prayer. Above discipline, discussion, and direction, prayer should be on the top of the list. Prayer gives you insight on how to handle the other three. After all, God gifted you with your children, who better to seek guidance from. When you pray for your children, He will guide you, and He will guide them. As a reminder, it’s also a parental duty to lead your child into a relationship with Christ. Not to force them, but to lead them to Him. You are the first point of contact they have, see that it is a good introduction.

Just as my daughter waves her banner for the Jourdanton Indians, she waves her heart’s banner for Christ. As does Chris, who is about to salute in Marine fatigues, he stands on the Word of God and never yields to the world. Be an example, pray for your children, and most of all, allow them to live the life they feel God-directed to live. Will they make mistakes? Of course. Will you be there to help them when they fall? Most definitely. But they will also succeed. And then your job becomes to celebrate with them. And to beam with pride as a parent. Just always remember to point to the One who guides them along the way.

Photo courtesy of Jourdonton Pride FB Page

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